New Feature: Viewability

We continue to roll out additional improvements to the Brainient Studio and as always we are at the forefront of industry initiatives. Our latest exciting update is the implementation of the Open VideoView (OpenVV) solution into the Brainient Studio, so we are now able to provide the number of viewable impressions for each of your video campaigns.

open videoview

What is OpenVV?
OpenVV is an open-open source technology for measuring ad viewability. Lead by TubeMogul, Brainient is part of a group of video ad tech vendors driving the development and adoption of OpenVV. The viewability metric is therefore aligned with commonly agreed upon industry standards and is exposed to technical scrutiny.

What exactly does it measure?
Put simply, viewability tracks whether the end user can view the video at any given point. To that end OpenVV ascertains whether the video is in view on that page but also:

- whether the ad is muted

- whether or not the window or tab is active

- the exact percentage of video that is viewable on a user’s screen

What are the benefits of OpenVV?
The aim of OpenVV is to create a single standard for viewability. A single standard holds advantages because firstly, the technology is easier to implement and secondly, benchmarking becomes a lot simpler and this should lead to wider transparency. Although viewability is by no means a definitive standard for measuring the impact of a creative, it’s another dimension that interests advertisers and thus it’s another metric to make media buyers more comfortable with when buying video inventory; advertisers can track whether their ad has actually been seen. For Brainient users it can be particularly useful, the industry standard metric, Click Through Rate (CTR), can often be deceiving when measuring the impact of an interactive video so the introduction of another commonly agreed upon, industry wide metric will provide valuable insight into the quality of user’s interactive video ad placements.

Where can I find this metric?
Within the Brainient Studio, the new metric can be found on the main analytics page. Viewability doesn’t show as default but is one of the tick box options at the bottom of the page. Users are able to drill-down to look at the number per creative, domain or supplier. Log in now to take a look!



Other recent updates

Export projects
In the Studio, you can now export the project as a file to your Desktop and use that file to create other projects. This functionality allows users to maintain multiple versions of the same project. It’s also useful if a project needs to be emailed to another user or moved to another account.

Earned time / Paid time metrics
These are available under the Engaged Time tab.
Paid time = Time spent by the user within the unit without having the option to close the unit it
Earned time = Time spent by the user within the unit while having the option to close the experience. Examples of this would be clicking to watch extra content or watching a skippable video.

New Feature: Save For Later

What is it?
The Save For Later format targets those users who are interested in engaging further with the brand but don’t necessarily want to engage fully with the ads before their selected programming. Save For Later allows users to get offers sent to them via email, with only a momentary pause in their viewing experience. The offers sent will ordinarily be related to the content presented in the video ad itself.

save for later

How does it work?
A widget appears at the top of the ad displaying the offer with a call to action to “save the ad”. Clicking the widget doesn’t pause the video but brings up a small transparent box where users can choose to save the ad via Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Only once one of these options is clicked does the video pause to allow for authorisation for the app to use that platform (it only needs authorising once). Once authorised the video automatically plays again and a message displays for a few seconds confirming the email has been sent. Users can then view the offer at a later time in an email sent to the email address associated with that social media account.

Check out the Save For Later format in action and get in touch for more info or a live demo.

Brainient’s 60 second Power Pitch for CNBC

Last week, we had the CNBC cameras in the office to record a 60 second pitch as part of the Power Pitch UK series. Brainient were one of 4 UK startups selected for the feature: Blaze, Brainient, Eyetease &

Power Pitch UK

All four companies will now pitch again live on CNBC with a studio expert then discussing the pitch. Emi will be pitching on Tuesday 17th June, 8:30-9:00, with Peter Briffett, COO of YPlan, the in-studio expert. After all four CEOs have pitched again, chief judge Eileen Burbridge, Partner at Passion Capital, will then choose an overall winner. The Power Pitch is part of CNBC’s coverage of London Technology Week.

The first Brainient Power Pitch is already up on the CNBC site. Stay tuned for the second round of pitches!


Brainient wins Best Advertising, Marketing Startup at The Europas

Last night we attended The Europas at Old Billingsgate in London where we were nominated for Best Advertising, Marketing Startup and… we won! We were amongst fine company in the category with Adbrain, Brandwatch, Future Ad Labs, Social Bakers and Struq also shortlisted.

the europas

The award continues a fantastic 2014 for Brainient having recently been named in the Smarta Breakthrough 50 and with the announcement in March of 400% year on year revenue growth and global expansion.

The evening was a huge amount of fun and we even got a Eurovision themed selfie. Well done to all the winners, it’s nice to celebrate such a strong European tech scene. Congrats also to Mike Butcher and the team for a great event, there is more information on all the winners on The Europas website.





Brainient a winner of The Santander Breakthrough 50 Awards


Brainient have been selected by Smarta and Santander as one of the UK’s top 50 most exciting fast growth companies.

“We want to uncover those businesses that are transforming established industries, leading the entrepreneurial movement in the UK and inspiring others to grow into businesses that push our economy forward” – Breakthrough 50

Winners were selected by a panel of judges including Ana Patricia Botin – CEO of Santander UK plc and The Rt Honourable Baroness Vadera – Director Shriti Ltd. and former Small Business Minister.

The award recognises the rapid growth we have had at Brainient, with 400% year on year growth and more than 600 campaigns created for some of the world’s leading brands.

We’re now looking forward to the awards ceremony at The Kensington Roof Gardens at the start of June which will be a good opportunity to meet with the other winners (some of whom we already know very well) and of course, collect our trophy.

Company profiles of all the winners are on the Breakthrough 50 website. Well done to all the winners and see you at the awards ceremony!

smarta breakthrough 50

Join us at the IAB video workshop this July

In July, Brainient Commercial Director, Jonathan Lewis will be hosting a session at the IAB event – Video: A complete introduction.

“Learn everything you need to know about one of the most exciting and fastest growing forms of digital advertising in this comprehensive half day workshop. What are the latest trends? How do you plan a successful video campaign? How do you make the transition from TV to online video?”

Jonathan’s session will focus on interactive video: including how to ad interactive layers, the difference between a format driven and custom driven creative, best practice for interactive ad building and video analytics and custom reporting.

Other sessions will be hosted by:

  • Nick Reid & Jack Rutter – Tubemogul
  • Anais Hayes – Google
  • Paul Lyonette – YuMe
  • David Sanderson – Tremor Video

The event is on Tuesday, 8 July, 2014, 9:30-14:00. For more information and to book your place, head to the IAB page.

Can’t wait until July? Join us at our latest quarterly Breakfast & Brains where the discussion will revolve around TV vs Digital Video – should advertisers continue to spend large portions of their budget on TV, or focus more on digital avenues? See you there!

Brainient grows up [Press Release]

Company reveals rebrand and updated features to its interactive advertising platform BrainRolls, as it plans future expansion

  • New platform features make Brainient the leading interactive mobile advertising solution

  • London-based startup matures after five years, unveiling new logo, website and branding, to position itself for growth.

London, UK. 12.00pm BST 3rd April: Brainient, Europe’s leading interactive advertising platform, has today revealed numerous updates to BrainRolls – its platform for creating campaigns. This follows a new look for the maturing young company as it plans further expansion across Europe and Asia.

BrainRolls, a platform for creating campaigns that work across all devices, has been updated with a range of new features to enable anyone to easily and quickly create and monitor their interactive video adverts online. The updated features allow agencies, creatives and clients to collaborate on any project more effectively, with an updated reporting dashboard which shows all key information about a campaign in a simple interface, containing custom data along with the standard industry metrics.

These reports can now be shared through a live analytics dashboard on a per campaign or creative basis, with the user selecting which data should be included. Following a link, the viewer can see this data in real-time online, which can constantly be updated so there is no need for further reports to be generated and shared.

The studio wizard has also been improved and redesigned with a new format-driven approach and simple user interface that allows anyone to create an interactive campaign. The wizard comes with a range of formats and the ability to do custom formats, such as flash animations within the video, only available on the BrainRolls platform.

Brainient also provides mobile and tablet support within the studio and can design connected TV campaigns, a unique proposition for the company. New formats will be added to the studio wizard in the coming months, which will include mobile interstitials and mobile and tablet specific formats.

To coincide with the updated features of BrainRolls, the company has undergone a complete rebrand in order to position itself for growth as it looks to Europe and Asia, with the US not far behind.

Emi Gal, CEO and founder of Brainient, said: “Brainient is maturing as a company. We’ve been through an exciting stage of growth and change, and after five years we felt we needed to develop our brand, while maintaining the friendly tone and nature of a startup company.

“We’ve had fantastic feedback from our clients on the updated features and we are in a great position to expand the company further across Europe and Asia, cementing ourselves as a serious player in the global interactive advertising industry.”

Other new features of the BrainRolls platform include:

  • Account analytics – Easily view what campaigns you are running and how they are performing

  • Automated suggestions – Brainient can now advise users through the platform on how well a campaign is running and suggest how it could be optimised

  • Live multi-sized previews – A preview of the self-created interactive video with changeable size to see exactly how it looks in all sizes

  • Asset library – Upload all assets for a creative quickly and easily at once

  • Complete tracking solution – Add external tracking pixels to the video, but also to quartiles and custom events within the interactive video unit

  • Live video ad servicing template (VAST tag) – The VAST tag is always live within the unit, meaning that any changes made mid-campaign will automatically be updated.

Press contact

Albion Drive

Cathy White

0207 033 8914

About Brainient

We are a VC-backed ad-tech company headquartered in London, UK. BrainRolls, our flagship product, allows our customers to create, deliver and measure interactive campaigns across any device. We work with some of the largest broadcasters in the world including ITV, Channel4 and Channel5, and have created campaigns for numerous brands including Disney, ASOS, Coca Cola, BMW and LEGO.

Brainient announces 400 per cent revenue growth, plans future global expansion [Press Release]

London, 12pm GMT March 14th 2014: Leading interactive video advertising company Brainient has gone from strength to strength, with its revenue growing at 400 percent over the last year.

The London based startup has won numerous clients in the past 12 months contributing to the projected sales growth. Brainient has now run the interactivity on video advertising campaigns for globally recognised household brands including Disney, Coca-Cola, Littlewoods and Lego.

The company recently signed agreements across Europe which establish it as the continent’s leading interactive video advertiser. The deals include online network MCD Digital in Turkey; free video service lVI in Russia; and TV4, the largest broadcast network in Sweden.

Since its launch in 2009, Brainient has created around 600 campaigns for high-profile media clients including ITV, Channel4, Channel5 and FOX. The Seedcamp alumnus has now worked with renowned media agencies Mediacom; Mindshare; Maxus; Starcom; and Zenith.

Emi Gal, CEO and founder of Brainient, said: “2013 was a hugely successful year for the team and over the next 12 months we have our eyes firmly set on expanding across Europe and Asia, and have employed a native French sales manager to help us grow.”

”We want to continue our expansion beyond desktop video interactivity to mobile, second-screen and Connected TV – ensuring the continued relevance and value of Brainient’s cross-platform technology – we’re aiming to build on our success and become the de facto company when it comes to interactive video advertising.”

Other highlights for Brainient include:

  • Being recognised by the advertising community when its campaign for ASOS won Campaign of the Year at the Festival of Media in 2013

  • Shortlisted for Ad Technology Provider of the Year in the British Media Awards, which are due to take place in May

  • Notable client wins including international auto group, Fiat, British tabloid newspaper the Daily Mail, and advertising network, Specific Media

Another key win for the team was a campaign for Dr Martens in partnership with media agency Good Stuff. The Dr Martens #Standforsomething campaign has seen a pre roll engagement rate two times higher than the industry standard for this format, while click through rates are sitting three times higher than industry benchmarks.